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Welcome to Campriano

Campriano is a historical settlement that belonged to the Benedictines who built the still-standing church before the year 1000. In the XII century it belonged to the Ardengheschi family and then to the Tolomei family.
The fortress, which goes back to the XV century, remains well conserved and includes two fortress walls on different levels.

Campriano is located 17 km south of Siena on the border between the Sienese Crete and the Val di Merse forests in a territory rich with evidence of the Etruscan civilization. In the forests of Campriano the Stile tributary originates, which then flows into the Arbia River.

To reach Campriano from Siena it’s possible to take the panoramic secondary road that begins on state road n° 2 Cassia at the fork at Malamerenda. From this well maintained secondary road that winds for 10km through the Crete's hills while crossing the valley of the Sorra River, there are many views of the Sienese countryside still in tact.

From Campriano we see the panorama of Monte Amiata with the Val d’Orcia and all of the Sienese Crete until the border with Chianti. Murlo is located about 4km from Campriano from which one can admire what remains of the Etruscan settlement of Poggio Civitate and the famous Antiquariam.

From here one can easily reach the most famous centers of the southern part of the province like Buonconvento, Montalcino, S. Quirico d’Orcia, Pienza and Monte Oliveto.